A crowdfunding platform for trading and staking agricultural goods and assets.

Micro Tuber connects people and farmers by funding, staking, and rewarding the user and farmers
A new metaverse is coming. A social gamefi experience powered by a virtual economy.
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About Seed Box

MCT is a decentralized currency that trades and stakes with powerful blockchain applications.

Seed Box is a platform where a user can participate in agricultural-related staking and rewards program with Micro Tuber.

MCT is a cryptocurrency designed for placing stakes and purchasing rewards on the Seed Box platform.

It is the first agricultural crowdfunding platform in the world combining traditional and blockchain technology. The Seed Box platform connects people and farmers by funding, staking, and rewarding the user and farmers.

Micro Tuber has already secured contracts with farmers, worldwide, with more partnerships being finalized each day.

Micro Tuber is a verified UN Global Vendor.
(UN Vendor #521011)

Why Choose Us?

Secured User Data

Micro Tuber is safe and have multiple layers of information security with backed up data.  We protect user data.

Most Credible

Only credible and authorized farmers are listed on our platform. We help users advance their knowledge in agriculture, staking, and crowdfunding with our certified AgriTech experts.

Flexibility & Easy to Use

Clean and detailed admin dashboard.  Easy to use Staking and Rewards program.  All data is synchronized on all devices for easy access.

Big Data Insights

Our agricultural machine learning collect specific data and apply specific algorithms to achieve expected results.  They are used to predict yield and quality of crops as well as livestock production.

How To Use MCT

Connecting Farmers and Users - Staking

Seed Box will completely disrupt the way farmer's raise capital. Farmers needing crowdfunding for their crops will be listed on the platform where users can help fund the project by staking their MCT and in return, earn more MCT. After project completion, users can withdraw their staked MCT and their new earned MCT.

Crowdfunding Project Completed - Purchasing

Agriculture products that are offered from completion of a successful crowdfunding project can be purchased with MCT on the MyFarm Marketplace App.

Micro Tuber Points - Reward System

Users will acquire Micro Tuber Points after every purchase on the MyFarm Marketplace app. Micro Tuber Points can be used for purchasing more products and also converted to MCT.

Trading on Exchange

MCT can be used for trading purposes on listed exchanges. Micro Tuber will thrive to grow the value of MCT by continuing the expansion of the company and adding valuable agriculture items and assets to the platform.

Token Metrics

Business Type


Total Supply






  • 50%Seed Box Platform
  • 13%Company Reserve
  • 10%Core Team & Founder
  • 9%Marketing
  • 8%Token Sale
  • 5%Early Investors & Advisor
  • 5%Bounty
  • 33%Blockchain Development
  • 27%Operations
  • 20%R&D Labs
  • 10%Business Development
  • 5%Legal
  • 5%Research

myfarm Marketplace App

Layer 2 Solution - MCT Deposit / Withdrawal System

MCT Deposit/Withdrawal System Integrated.  Fast Transaction and Reduced Price Volatility During Checkout.

MCT Reward, Coupon & Events

Get Rewarded in MCT for Purchases. Various Coupon & Events.

Buy Agriculture Products - Seed Box Staking

Purchase Agriculture Products from Seed Box Staking Campaigns in MCT or Cash.

Research & Transparency

Innovative Research to Maximize Product Yield and Enhance Nutrients.  Lab Results are Shown for Transparency.


With help from our teams, contributors and investors these are the milestones we are looking forward to achieve. Detailed Roadmap can be found in the Whitepaper.


METAVERSE RELEASE 0.1 MetaRising ECOSYSTEM BEGINS. NFT Minting page. Seed NFTs. MCT Vesting Smart Contract. SeedBox Platform 4.0 Upgrade. MetaRising Website Launch. Pet NFTs.

2023. Q1

SEEDBOX VERSION 4.0 MetaRising INTEGRATION. Cross Promotion and Partnerships. NFT Marketplace Launch. NFT Staking. NFT Airdrop. Vehicle NFTs.

2023. Q2

METAVERSE RELEASE 0.2 ALPHA. Closed Alpha Test. 1ST Climate Change Summit in ‘MetaRising’ . NFT Sale – PFP, Farming Tool. NFT Mystery Box. Avatar Customization. C2E Zone - Farming (crop). C2E Zone - Farming (animal).

2023. Q3

METAVERSE RELEASE 0.3 BETA. Beta Test. Multiverse NFT Integration – ‘WonderKing’. NFT Sale – Land. C2E DApp – Carbon Finance. User Generated Content World. C2E Zone - Ocean (Fishing). C2E Zone - Cave (Mining). Guild System. Dual DAO Governance.

Our Team

Wonik Yi
Co-Founder, CEO

  • Golden Lion Group Chairman & CEO
  • Over 38 Years of International Business

Edward Yi
Co-Founder, CTO

  • Rock’n’Block Korea President, Full Stack Developer
  • 5+ Years HTML, CSS, Javascript, SQL, Solidity

Ali Brown
Co-Founder, Head of USA

  • Vice President of Group TK – US Operations
  • Regional Sales Manager of Multi-National Company

Jenny Kim

  • International Marketing Director for BTSCoffee
  • Supply Chain Marketing

Dr. Kook Yoon
Chief Logistics Officer

  • Former Commanding General of the Transportation Command (ROK), Former Army Brigadier General
  • Former Chair Professor at Incheon National University, PhD. Logistics

Sea Hoon Choi
Chief Operating Officer

  • Hitec LED CEO, Smart Farm Operator
  • 15+ Years in Managerial and Administrative Procedures

Rohit Dubey
Marketing Manager

  • Launchpadia Co-Founder
  • Branding Expert

Jun Yi
Backend Developer

  • Hitec LED Database Engineer, bitXron Backend Tools Engineer
  • 7+ Years C++, Java, Python

J.J. Kim
Frontend Developer

  • Group TK Frontend Developer
  • 10+ Years HTML, CSS, Javascript

Alex Kim
Business Developer

  • Greencross Labcell
  • B2B Development

Joseph Cho
Project Manager

  • AI Security Engineer
  • Rock’n’Block Project Manager

Jaden Byun
Business Developer

  • Marketing and Management
  • Rock’n’Block Business Developer

Chang Ho Lee
Community Manager

  • Community Management Moderator
  • Cryptocurrency Expert, Blockchain Insider

Jae Yeol Choi
Development Planner

  • IBK (Industrial Bank of Korea)
  • Former CEO for Market Leader Korea

Hyung Chan Kim
Investor Relations

  • Investor Relations with VCs, Venture Capitalist Association Lead
  • Group TK Sales Ops Team

Roy Chang
Chief Business Officer

  • Marketing Strategist
  • Business Feasibility Study

Sophia Yu
Metaverse/Game Designer

  • Technovationpartners Associate Research Engineer
  • NFT Design & World Creator

Our Advisors

Michael Studer
International Investment Advisor

  • CEO of Western Petroleum Resources, Co-Founder of Oil & Gas Syndicate
  • Family Office Investment Principal

Bruce Faulconer
Promotion Advisor

  • CEO of Faulconer Productions, Ph.D Musical Arts from University of Texas
  • Composer of Dragon Ball Z Series

Vikram Doddi
International Business Advisor

  • Founder & CEO, Boundless Stride Labs
  • 20+ Years in International Business Strategy, Data Analytics, SCM, and Marketing

Don May
International Agriculture Advisor

  • Owner & Operator of Permascapes Hawaii
  • 25 years experience in designing, installing and managing organic and sustainable farms.  Certified Permaculture design consultant

Rev. Nell Newton
International Crop Advisor

  • B.S., M.A., M.Div. Interest in sustainable agriculture practices
  • As a minister she is committed to addressing food insecurity and promoting access to clean water and education for people around the world

Beverly Schulze
International Marketing Advisor

  • Marketing Art Director at Pro-Ed, Inc.
  • Involved in local community gardening, small-scale farming. Special interest in principles of regenerative and biointensive agriculture

Dr. Evangelina Mangino
Volunteer Coordinator Advisor

  • Founder of Community Welfare Enterprises
  • American Red Cross, Manor Schoolhouse Foundation, Pioneer Farms, and Voting Precinct Judge for national, state, and local elections

Dr. Yong Jung Kim
Executive Technical Advisor

  • KAIST Applied Mathematics Professor
  • NASA Mathematics Research Center

Media Says About Us

MetaRising aims to be the first project to merge metaverse agriculture with real-world farming

MetaRising, an innovative cryptocurrency initiative, aims to be the first project to combine Metaverse agriculture with real-world farming.

Merging metaverse agriculture with real-world farming

The MetaRising ecosystem has introduced a business model that allows users to earn money through the Play-to-earn(P2E) model and transfer the value to support real-world agricultural products.

The first project to merge metaverse agriculture with real-world farming

The MetaRising ecosystem intends to use blockchain technology to assist its users in increasing their income and supporting the global agricultural economy

마이크로투버, 올 3분기 내 면역성 강화 작물 ‘마켓플레이스’로 유통

농업법인 마이크로투버(대표 이원익)는 자체 생산 작물들을 새로운 플랫폼 ‘마켓플레이스’를 통해 올 3분기 내에 선보일 예정이라고 24일 밝혔다.

마이크로투버, 12월 9일 크로스체인 브릿지 출시 예정

농업 융합 블록체인 전문 기업 마이크로투버사는 오는 12월 3일 팬케이크 스왑(DEX) 상장, 12월 9일 크로스체인 브릿지를 출시할 예정이라고 밝혔다.

기아 및 빈곤, 식량문제에 도전하는 마이크로투버(Micro Tuber)

마이크로투버는 미래의 식량문제와 세계적 기아 및 빈곤퇴치를 위해 종자연구와 재배에 전념 해오며, 세계 4대 작물 중 하나인 감자 종자 개발 연구를 진행하여 생산성을 향상 시키고 있는 기업이다.

마이크로투버, 블록체인으로 식량문제 개선

마이크로투버 한국법인은 이미 3년 전부터 이러한 식량관련 문제점을 해결하기 위해 종자 연구와 재배에 전념해 왔다.

마이크로투버-시드박스, MVP모델 출시

차세대 4차산업 농업 혁신을 이끄는 블록체인 기업 마이크로투버가 시드박스 플랫폼의 MVP 모델을 출시했다고 밝혔다.

마이크로투버, 블록체인 보안업체 ‘서틱’ 통해 안전성 검증 완료

블록체인 Agriculture 프로젝트인 마이크로투버(Microtuber)가 블록체인 업체 서틱(Certik)을 통해 블록체인 보안 감사를 완료했다고 9일 밝혔다.


씨감자 회사 ‘마이크로투버’, 월드 슈퍼모델대회 메인후원사로 참여

지난 3월 27일 호텔 라마다서울에서 세계슈퍼모델어워즈가 열렸다. 이 대회의 메인후원사인 마이크로투버는 종자사업을 하는 회사로써 세계 4대 작물인 씨감자를 개발, 보급하는 회사다.

마이크로투버-코인니스, 블록체인 기술 지원 파트너십

코인니스는 마이크로투버의 해외 시장 전략 확대와 커뮤니티 구축 등을 지원하고, 마이크로투버는 코인니스 측에 블록체인 플랫폼 개발 기술에 더해 관련 솔루션을 제공한다는 방침이다.


투버스 팜, 감자 종자 개발 증식시스템 구축

현재 유통되는 감자는 7세대가 대부분이지만 Tubers에서 개발, 완료된 씨감자는 영양소와 맛, 병충해에 강한 1세대 종자이다.

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